WINSFORD rock salt mine was visited by the transport minister as the UK braces itself for the forthcoming winter.

The UK's largest working mine, which is operated by Compass Minerals, is also Britain's leading supplier of rock salt, which is used by winter maintenance professionals to make icy roads safe during winter weather.

Andrew Jones MP, transport minister, visited the salt mine to ensure they have enough stockpiles should the country incur an especially cold winter.

The visit was also to encourage the proactive use of Compass Minerals’ de-icing salt as a strategic resource in enabling local authorities to keep the roads safe.

Mr Jones said: “Transport is absolutely critical to our thriving economy which is why we need to ensure the network can cope with winter weather.

“Highways England will be working around the clock to keep our major roads clear.

“The government is closely monitoring resilience across road, rail and airports to ensure Britain can keep moving in the event of extreme weather.”

As experts in salt management, Compass Minerals works closely with local authorities, Departments of Transport and Highways England to support winter resilience preparedness.

The mine is one of only three places where rock salt is commercially mined in the UK, the others being at Boulby Mine, North Yorkshire and Kilroot near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

Winsford rock salt mine in Winsford is also home to DeepStore, offering professional records management solutions through taking advantage of the optimal environment at the mine.

Chris Heywood, head of sales and logistics at Compass Minerals, said: “We are delighted the minister chose to come to Winsford.

“It was a great honour to show him the work we do to ensure the United Kingdom remains safe and fully prepared for winter.

“Over the last five years we have continued to invest heavily in mining machines, processing equipment and storage facilities to further improve the security of the nation’s salt supplies.”