A FORMER mayor of Middlewich has called on his colleagues to check their facts before speaking.

Clr Chalky White, who stands down from Middlewich Town Council tomorrow after eight years, is concerned political points are being made publicly without facts being properly checked.

Millions His comments come following the last town council meeting when Clr Simon McGrory gave a written report stating Cheshire County Council was spending millions of pounds on publicity for plans for a single unitary authority.

"Having asked the question of the county council, I can confirm that so far there has been a total of £2,181 spent on publicity materials," said Clr White.

"For an elected councillor to put in writing a figure that is so far off the mark once again puts the credibility of councillors into question." He added: "While appreciating the need for the people of Middlewich to be informed of the implications of the proposals for changes to the local Government regime at present, presenting false information - especially in writing - cannot help with anyone's understanding of the best way forward."

In March Clr White announced he would be stepping down citing personal economic reasons'.

Last week he told the Guardian he would miss the job, but would remain chairman of the cemetery board, on the canal corridor committee and involved with Middlewich Vision. "My big hope is to see the Wharf developed and I think that we're closer now than we've ever been before," he said.

"I'm sure the town council will move forward when I've gone. The council as a whole is much more important than any individual.

"I'll still be here to ask difficult questions though."