MIDDLEWICH Town Council has officially appointed their first town crier for more than 100 years.

Devlin Hobson, who is a professional town crier and has been plying his trade in Kidsgrove, expressed his desire in July to leave his old town behind and become the town crier of Middlewich.

Devlin has been trialled at various events in Middlewich since then and after winning over residents with his loud proclamations ringing out over the town, he has now been appointed as the full-time Middlewich town crier.

The decision was made during the monthly town council meeting on Monday, September 8, where councillors voted unanimously to hire the town crier.

At the council meeting, town clerk Jonathan Williams announced: “He has made a decision to no longer continue with Kidsgrove, which has been accepted, and he would very much like to start promoting Middlewich.

“In my experience of dealing with Devlin, I can say he is very respectful and professional and in terms of him as a town crier, he seems very respected and has done well in national competitions.”

The council will only pay for Devlin’s travel expenses.

The decision on whether to appoint the new town crier caused a split in opinion among residents, with 51 per cent in favour of not having the role in Middlewich when an online Guardian poll in July asked: “Would you like a town crier in Middlewich?”

Devlin is now in talks with the council over what his role will include and says he is looking forward to being able to represent Middlewich.

He said: “I’m really pleased and proud to represent Middlewich, which is just such a fantastic little town and we will do our upmost to promote it.

“It’s just a shame that the decision could not have been made a month ago because all the competitions I’ve won still came under Kidsgrove and it could have been Middlewich.”