THE Winsford Academy has found a new sponsor following the withdrawal of the E-ACT chain.

From September 1, the school’s new sponsor will be the Fallibroome Multi-Academy Trust, based in Macclesfield.

It follows the decision of the E-ACT Academy chain to divest itself of ten of its academies following intervention from the Department for Education in January 2014.

Fallibroome Academy in Macclesfield is a high-achieving school of 1,500 students and is among a small number of schools that have received three consecutive ‘Outstanding’ judgments from Ofsted.

Andrew Taylor-Edwards, principal of Winsford Academy, said: ‘We are delighted to become part of the Fallibroome Multi-Academy Trust and to share a close working relationship with an outstanding school like Fallibroome.

“The trust comprises many outstanding educationalists and has governance of the highest standing. We look forward to learning from each other as our relationship continues to develop in the future.

“We are delighted that we have secured a local sponsor that is committed to the professional development of its staff for the benefit of all students. We know from internal and external evidence that Winsford Academy has improved significantly since it opened in September 2010 but we want to accelerate the pace of improvement. Fallibroome could be the catalyst to that faster pace.”

Fallibroome is a National Teaching School, equivalent to a Teaching Hospital. It is also a Specialist College of Performing Arts, which is the specialism of Winsford Academy.

Ann Moore, chairman of The Winsford Academy governing body, added: “Governors welcome the opportunities this partnership with Fallibroome will bring as we construct a powerful school-based partnership.

“I’m sure we can learn a lot from Fallibroome but equally sure that there is good practice and creativity at Winsford which will be useful to Fallibroome.”


Winsford Academy principal, Andrew Taylor-Edwards posted responses on the academy’s website to parents’ questions.

In relation to questions on uniforms, he said:

“I can categorically state that there are no plans to change the uniform, including PE kit. The only item that will change is the academy's crest, which carries the name of E-ACT. This isn't a problem for our Year 7 students who arrive in September as we were able to change our crest in time.

“The new crest is exactly the same as the last but without the E-ACT wording. Due to the logistics involved in replacing crests on all blazers, we will take a phased approach and replace all crests over a period of time next academic year.

“You will not be charged for the new crest and neither will you be expected to sew it on.”


On general changes at the school, he said:

“I would state from the outset, that the great majority of our progress and achievements since becoming an Academy are squarely down to our students, parents, staff and governors.

“Irrespective of whether you are in a local authority school, a sponsored academy or a free school, it is the people who populate and engage with the academy on a day-to-day basis that ultimately make the difference.

“This is not to underestimate the role sponsors and local authorities play in the support, challenge and guidance of schools across the country. 

“I have got to know Peter Rubery, the Director of Fallibroome Multi Academy Trust, and I have met his senior staff and governors over a number of meetings since E-ACT's withdrawal was confirmed. 

“I can assure you that the academy will be working closely with experienced educationalists, who have integrity and have the interests of our young people at the very heart of their agenda.

“Both Fallibroome and Winsford boast strong learning communities. The benefit of being part of this local Academy Trust is the way it will bring good, well skilled and committed people together, working to give young people outstanding life chances.

“The trust’s staff will be finding collaborative solutions in an environment of trust and mutual respect. There really are no limits to what this partnership can achieve. 

“One aspect of Fallibroome's work, which is highly regarded is their commitment to continuing professional development, via their status as a Teaching.

“In short, the academy is in safe hands and all our wonderful students will only benefit from this outstanding opportunity.”