A CAMPAIGN group is calling for fishing to be banned at Crewe’s Queens Park out of concern for the indigenous family of swans.

Queens Park Wildlife Conservation Group has warned of a ‘wildlife bloodbath’ if steps aren’t taken.

The group formed recently to protect the area’s wildlife after the unexplained death of a mature pen.

On Monday evening, group members spotted one of the late bird’s six cygnets with fishing line wrapped around its foot.

They called the RSPCA, who arrived the following day to convey the bird to experts at the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, where the animal is recovering.

The group are now concerned that fishing at the lake is endangering the swans and are calling for a ban on angling.

“When the female swan died, the body was disposed of so no one could examine it,” explained group member, Jan Wright.

“But pictures of the dead swan were sent to lots of swan rescue centres, who believe the injury was from a fishing hook. It’s a unique wound and this is the opinion of people who rescue swans every day.

“On Monday, volunteers from Queens Park Wildlife Conservation mounted a rescue of the injured cygnet and many turned up to keep an eye on it while waiting for the RSPCA.

“Helped by volunteers who are known to the swans, the cygnet was captured safely and taken away to Stapeley, as it was in too bad of a state to leave.

“The only sensible action is to ban fishing before we have a wildlife blood bath.”

The group can be found under Queens Park Wildlife Conservation on Facebook.

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