MIDDLEWICH Rose Fete will take centre stage at the opening event at this year’s Folk and Boat (FAB) Festival.

Youngsters will parade through the town at 11am on Saturday, June 14 with the royal retinue and visiting royals leading the way.

Rose queen Poppy Maskill and festival queen Amy Singleton will join community queen Jodi Walton and fairy queen Chloe Court in the parade together with rose princess Victoria Walton, rose prince Harry Cromar and rosebud Aymi Tench.

Carole Moore, chairperson of the rose fete committee, said: “The rose fete is a long standing tradition that dates back to the days of the salt mines when we had a salt queen and this year’s looks like it will be the biggest we’ve had.

“There will be something for everyone with children of all ages, from pre-school to 14, taking part as we like to involve children of every age group that live in Middlewich.”

More than 40 children from Middlewich schools and community groups will be taking part and members of royal retinues from surrounding areas are welcome to join in.

There will be a fairy dance for children under five and they will all be dressed as fairies wearing wings and tutus before the retinue is crowned by the mayor.

The royal boat sail is a new event for is year with the royal party setting sail thanks to the Anderton Boat.

Once the rose fete has finished, volunteers will have a stall at the FAB festival with face painting and other fundraising activities, with all proceeds going to rose queen Poppy’s chosen charity, which she will select after the event.