A READER sent us this picture of a train tragedy that struck Winsford in 1948, killing 24 people.

The crash happened on April 17 when the 13-coach City of Nottingham train, number 6251, smashed into the stationary Princess Arthur of Cannaught, number 6207, which had stopped between Winsford Junction and the railway station.

The Princess Arthur of Cannaught had left Glasgow at 5.40pm and was halted in Winsford when a soldier on leave pulled the communication cord to stop the train in town.

The City of Nottingham left Glasgow at 6.25pm and was told by signalmen there was nothing on the line in front of it.

The driver applied the brakes but saw the stationary train too late, smashing into the back of it at 45mph.

Winsford came together to help survivors, with Crook Lane residents opening up their homes to help anyone in need.

This picture shows the scale of the disaster on the section of track behind Bradbury Road.