THE Winsford E-ACT Academy celebrated its first ever set of A level results with some standout success stories.

The new school building opens this September, with the sixth form intake increasing to 150 students after starting from scratch two years ago.

A total of 37 students sat either A levels or vocational subject this year, and made it a perfect start for the hi-tech new £20 million facility.

Principal of The Winsford E-ACT Academy, Andy Taylor-Edwards, said: “We’re really pleased with our A Levels results.

“This is the first cohort for us at the academy, and we achieved a 98.8 per cent pass rate. Fifty per cent got A to C grades.”

Gemma Clark, 18, sat A levels and achieved an A in product design, C in ICT, C in Psychology and an E in Maths.

Lian Tidd, 19, sat a mixture of A levels and vocational, achieving an A in maths, distinction star in business studies and Cs in further maths and chemistry.

Elsewhere, Sarah Bridge, 18, achieved a double merit in applied science, merit in business studies and distinction in child care.

Devon Hughes, 18, achieved three merits in sport studies, applied science and business studies.

Stuart James, 19, achieved a distinction star in applied science and distinction in film studies.

Charlotte Oakes achieved distinctions in performance art and applied science as well as a distinction star in sports studies.

Alexander Taylor, 18, achieved a merit in applied science and a distinction in photography.

More results to follow