ON his first ever plane flight, Winsford Filmmaker, Andrew Carson, found himself bound for Hollywood.

The 34-year-old has just got back from LA after a tight schedule of meetings with tinsel town’s movers and shakers.

The former Woodford High School pupil’s life has changed dramatically since he published an outline film treatment for his self-penned wrestling comedy-drama, RhumbleRama, on Facebook.

“This time last year I was forced out my house. I was trying to finish a master’s degree and living on the dole. I was penniless,” remembers Andrew. “Now I’m going to Hollywood, meeting all these people I that I grew up watching in films.”

The runaway online interest in RhumbleRama saw Andrew greeted at LAX international by Ramon Estevez, son of Hollywood royalty Martin Sheen.

Ramon, who runs Estevez Sheen Productions, whisked Andrew to the set of hit American TV show, Anger Management, where he met Hellboy and Cruel Intentions star, Selma Blair, as well as Ramon’s Hollywood icon brother, Charlie Sheen.

“Charlie was awesome. He actually came over and introduced himself!

“He asked me to hang out for the day and we got together later on. Ramon took me to see the LA Kings Ice Hockey team.

“This one of the most famous families in Hollywood, and they completely opened their doors to me. It was very surreal.”

Ramon is not the only Hollywood backer lending his support to RhumbleRama.

The Winsford-born moviemaker also met with Steven Spielberg associate, Robert Latham Brown.

“Robert told me he was amazed at what I’d achieved in six months.

“It was surprising to me how big RhumbleRama was in the US, and how many people are following its progression there.

“It’s so strange. There’s an industry in England that seems impossible to break into, but suddenly I’m over in Hollywood and everyone seems to be going out of their way to accommodate me.”

Andrew said he felt he had ‘unfinished business’ in Hollywood, so is flying back out for more business meetings next week, but this time he’ll be getting different digs.

“I’d never even booked a flight or a hotel before this trip. I found somewhere cheap online in a place called Inglewood. When I got there it was like the ghetto!

“Throughout the day I was in Hollywood, then going back there at night and hanging out with all these gang types. I got on well with everyone I met, but I’ve been offered somewhere to stay in the Hollywood Hills next time!”

RhumbleRama is due to begin filming in June. Andrew still plans to shoot scenes in his home town, including scenes at Be The Best Fitness Academy and Moss Bank.