Love Island viewers said they were left feeling “ancient” and “too old” for the show after one of the contestants revealed he once had a partner of 41.

Sunday night’s episode of the ITV2 dating programme saw the contestants sharing some of their secrets, and Callum Jones said that when he was 21 he was intimate with a woman of 41.

However, the revelation seemed to be a bit of a bombshell and Shaughna Phillips, who Callum is coupled up with, even suggested that the woman might have had children in his class.

Shaughna Phillips
Shaughna Phillips (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Fans of the reality show were unimpressed by the response.

“My god, their reaction to a 41 year old making me feel ancient,” one person posted on Twitter.

“Me watching Love Island as an almost 37 year old like… 41 is old?!!” said another.

“Why they acting like 41 is so old?! That’s ageist… and makes me feel old!!” said one fan, while another tweeted that it was making them feel “too old for Love Island”.

“What’s her name needs to shut up about 41. What’s wrong with that! It’s not 61,” said another outraged viewer.

“41??? What’s wrong with that? How ageist,” said another.

Love Island continues on ITV2.