HE gets rave reviews and yet his shows are in some of the tiniest venues.

So if you want to see acclaimed Canadian comedian Tom Stade before the ‘secret’ gets out and the mainstream comes knocking, head to the Pyramid on February 22 to see what all the fuss about.

Tom, who often works alongside his filmmaker son Mason, tells mischievous stories from his life which often go on surreal tangents.

Now the kids have moved out, it’s a dawn of a new era for the comic in his latest show, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

So he will be sharing anecdotes of how he is embracing the next chapter of his and his family’s lives.

But every show is a little different as Tom is known for his ‘explosive’ spontaneity that takes the acts in unexpected directions.

With three decades out on the comedy frontline as well as a new show every year since 2011, Tom is only just warming up as he enters the new decade with even more of his rock and roll swagger.

Tom Stade performs at the Pyramid centre on Saturday, February 22. For tickets visit parrhall.culturewarrington.org or call the box office on 442345.