HOTLY tipped band The Orielles are here for the long term.

It might sound a little naive or glib for a 19-year-old guitarist to already be mapping out his place in the music industry.

But Henry Carlyle Wade has paid his dues. He has been playing guitar since he was six and met his bandmates when he was just nine.

He is now inspired by some of the 80s giants who have stood the test of time and are still going strong after more than three decades.

Suffice to say The Orielles are not your average band.

Henry met sisters Esme and Sidonie Hand-Halford at a mutual friend’s party at an Irish club in Halifax. He was nine, Esme was 10 and Sidonie was 14 but they clicked and started making music the next day.

They continued like this for five years and so in 2014 when the music industry started noticing and they became The Orielles they hit the ground running.

Henry said: “It worked wonders for being able to play together and play well because all we used to do was just practice. We did that three times a week over all those years.

“It helped with every aspect of a band including understanding one another, getting on, writing and being ‘tight’ while playing live.”

It is a good thing too because the group, now joined by Alex Stephens on keys, have been intensely under the spotlight since releasing their debut for Heavenly Recordings, Silver Dollar Moment, in February 2018. The dust has only just settled after touring the record and now they are about to do it all again with follow-up, Disco Volador, due out on February 28.

Henry added: “Things have moved very fast since we signed to Heavenly. After putting in so many years of work, it’s exactly what we wanted.

“It works in cycles with releasing an album and then promoting it and touring.

“There’s a rhythm to it which always keeps you moving and thinking about the next thing coming up. But there have been many moments where we’ve had to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come.

“One of them was holding our first record in our hands with the Heavenly badge on it.

“That was a big moment because it was a label we aspired to be on for quite a while.

“Having the chance to meet artists who have influenced us like Sister Sledge and The Pastels has also been overwhelming as their example has helped us to get to this point.”

The Orielles are playing at Neighbourhood Weekender in Victoria Park in May. Before that the band are playing at The Ritz in Manchester on March 5