LIVE Bar was the scene for a triumphant homecoming for The Ks.

It served not only as a launch show for Aurora – their first single with Alan McGee’s Creation23 label – but a chance for long time fans to see the fast rising Earlestown quartet in an intimate room for what could be the last time.

Not even the power failing on stage (courtesy of a number of splashed drinks) could derail the sold out night with the crowd continuing to sing along to their signature tune, Sarajevo.

The unexpected break only served to ramp up the crowd when the band went at it again, stage lights bathing a swell of bodies jumping back and forth.

Older tracks such as Trees Estate fit neatly alongside newer ones including Bleak, which has previously only been played at a festival in Serbia.

The Ks have played bigger shows in their career and are likely destined for bigger still.

But to play in front of a hometown audience, filled with many people that they’ve grown up with, are the ones to cherish.

And for the fans, they can say they were there at a gig where Live Bar finally came of age.

It was a fantastic atmosphere in the Barbauld Street venue that was made even better as all the artists are associated with Warrington.

The AV Club and Serratone are certainly ones to watch and you can be sure that The Ks are not the last band to break out of this town.