TWO Whiston doctors had a special night at the Pink concert when they delivered a baby underneath the famous Kop stand.

Yesterday as superstar Pink played her first song at Anfield, concert goer Denise Jones went into early labour.

It certainly wasn't a normal night off from A&E for Whiston Hospital doctors John Matthew and Dani Berg who ran to her aid and safely delivered the aptly named Dolly Pink underneath the Kop.

Winsford Guardian:

“We got the call from the other side of the stadium, and as soon as we examined mum, it was clear we didn’t have long to wait for the baby’s arrival.

"The stadium stewards moved her quickly to the Kop’s first aid area and in less than five minutes, little Dolly had safely entered the world,” said Dr John Matthews.

The two doctors work as stadium doctors on Liverpool FCs match days, and are responsible for treating the crowd should any emergencies occur.

“It’s not what we usually have to deal with on a match day, but it’s a lovely welcome surprise. We’re so honoured that we were able to help Dolly’s arrival, mum was incredibly calm and an absolute superstar,” added Dr Dani Berg.