A DJ and former Padgate High School student has been given the opportunity to work with one of his heroes after being signed up to Subliminal Records.

Mark Doyle – who DJs under the name Doyley – joined the dance music label after his debut track, Gonna Burn, caught the ear of owner Erick Morillo.

His song – which has also been remixed by American DJ Harry Romero – will now be heard in many more clubs around the world and the deal will open doors for Mark to release more music.

The 36-year-old said: “It feels surreal especially as Subliminal is so well known and respected within the music industry.”

The deal came about after Mark sent off a demo of Gonna Burn to numerous labels.

Coincidentally he was in Ibiza – the home of dance music culture – but for a family holiday with his wife Stacey and son James, aged four, when he heard the good news.

Mark added: “Funnily enough at the time I was in Ibiza with my wife and son. We were sat down having some dinner on the quieter side of the island when I got a couple of emails.

“The first was from a label who picked the demo apart and said why they didn’t like it.

“So that left me a bit downhearted but then I got another email saying ‘Subliminal Records’ on my phone.

“I thought it would be another rejection but it said: ‘Erick Morillo would like to sign Gonna Burn to Subliminal Records’.

“At that moment I just froze. My wife said: ‘What’s up?’ I couldn’t even speak, I just had to hand her the phone to take a look at the email.

Winsford Guardian:

Erick Morillo. Picture: Luigi Novi

“The first records I bought on vinyl when I started DJing were from Subliminal and also a Defected Records release remixed by Harry Romero.

“I got them from Hotwax Records which used to be in Warrington.

“So to have had Erick Morillo and Harry Romero working on my track feels like a dream. It’s brilliant.”

Erick Morillo does a weekly showcase mix called Subliminal Sessions.

Both versions of the track have been included on that.

Before that the original was played on BBC Introducing while the radio station Kiss recently picked up the remix.

Mark, who has been producing music for two years but has been a DJ since 1999, said: “I’ve got to work harder to get the next track out now.”

Just weeks after clinching the record deal, Mark returned to Ibiza to make his live debut on the island.

He joined an event company called No Way Pedro for a set at Itaca.

Mark, who DJs at Warrington’s Showbar on Fridays, added: “It was the first time I’d worked with them.

“I absolutely loved it and I’m hoping to get back over to Ibiza this year.

“A few of my friends are out there in a couple of weeks’ time and they’re going to be playing my track and filming it for me so I can see the reaction.”

So what is it like to see hundreds of people moving to your beat?

He said: “It’s mind-blowing at first. When you hear people cheering or you get the girls screaming because a certain song comes on, you know you’re doing well. I work off the crowd.

“If they like a song, I know what to put on next to keep them on the dancefloor. That’s one of the highlights and I also love seeing my name all over things like SoundCloud and iTunes next to my artwork. I’ve grown up with all kinds of different music from Motown and Northern Soul to electronic dance but funky house has always been my favourite as it gets you in a good mood.”