PHOENIX Nights’ Dave Spikey is returning to Parr Hall next year to reflect on the funny things in life.

The biomedical scientist turned comedian, who played Jerry St Clair in the beloved sitcom, will present A Funny Thing Happened at the Palmyra Square venue on October 30, 2020.

Dave found his funny bone doing the rounds at Bolton General Hospital.

He found his love for performing when he created a review society with a group of like-minded doctors and technicians.

Dave then took on the comedy circuit while still working at the hospital where he got his big break supporting Jack Dee, Max Boyce, Cannon and Ball and Eddie Izzard all in the space of a week.

After that, Dave’s first collaboration with Peter Kay was on the award-winning That Peter Kay Thing which was, of course, followed by the hugely acclaimed Phoenix Nights.

But Dave only hung up his white coat in October 2000, about three months before the show aired on Channel 4.

The tour will see Dave going back to his observational comedy roots.

Becki Mundy, from Parr Hall, said: “Funny things happen all the time; normal events don’t catch the eye but Dave’s special radar instinctively draws him to the small, out-of-the-ordinary events and conversations which wash over most of us and pass us by.

“Once identified, he applies his unique style of exaggerating and elaborating them while reminding us that we too have not only witnessed them, it’s probably happened to us!”

Tickets are on sale now. Visit or call 442345.