LAST week I did my Friday Plus One session with PCSO David Jinks; a scheme that allows a councillor to accompany a police officer on a Friday night shift.

We started by collecting supermarket CCTV evidence of shoplifting, then attended the scene of anti-social behaviour to gather evidence from the resident affected, and supported custody suite officers by recovering essential medication for a detainee. This was a real insight into how a PCSO delivers important support for their colleagues We spent the remainder of the shift patrolling the patch, going to areas where there had been recent reports of incidents and checking out known hotspots for anti-social behaviour.

I am very impressed with David’s knowledge of the issues and people on his patch. It shows that consistency makes a real difference and I hope his successor will be given the time to build up the necessary knowledge of the area.

David is a very effective PCSO and we will miss him when he moves in a few weeks. His positive attitude, determination to get things done and support for residents who volunteer to actively help the police has made a real difference.

The speed watch in Middlewich is a notable example, with 1,000 letters being sent to speeding drivers and very few getting a second letter.

I would like to thank PCSO David Jinks for all that he has done for Middlewich and wish him well in his new life.

I would also like to thank Cheshire Constabulary for providing the scheme. The councillors who participate will gain a better understanding of local policing.

Cllr David Williams Cledford Ward Middlewich Town Council