A TWO-YEAR-OLD from Winsford has had her first acting role in a hit ITV drama.

Ariana Clarke is in the second series of Victoria and plays the role of ‘baby Vicky’, the first child of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

In an effort to keep her calm on set ITV hired the toddler’s 53-year-old grandma Lindsey, who works in Winsford Asda, to play her nanny on-screen.

Jenn Powell, Ariana’s mum, said: “When we turned up to film Ariana was a bit put off by everybody in big dresses and old clothing.

“My mum had just come along to help for the day but they ended up putting her in costume to help keep Ariana calm and she fit in so well that the director kept her in for the scenes.

“It’s quite surreal watching the series back now and seeing them both there. Ariana did really well for such a young girl and the director said she was one of the best babies they’d ever had.

“Mum was really proud to be a part of it. She’s a bit of a royalist and always loved all of it growing up so to be a part of the programme was special for her.

“It’s amazing to experience how these shows are produced. Obviously they wanted Ariana to do certain things so the cast had to play games with her to get the reaction they wanted.

“Every time Ariana sees it on TV now she laughs and thinks she’s off to go play in the big castle with the queen.”

Filming, which ran between May and August, was on set at a refurbished RAF base in Leeds.

Jenn said: “Thankfully when we first started doing this work were really supportive so I could spend the day with Ariana on set.

“We’ve been up and down the country. You don’t know whether you’ll be in London, Manchester or in this case Leeds so it can be quite tough at times.

The series premiered in 2016 and stars Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria.