A NEW record store is hoping to embrace the music community in Winsford.

Jimi Coppack, a former carer, is opening Electric Church on Saturday, May 20, which will sell vintage records and have a café for people to socialise over their music tastes.

It has been nearly two years since the building became available to Jimi, and with the store now finished, he has turned his eye to opening the supporting café to supplement the business.

He has been collecting records since the age of 10, and has a range of influences from different genres, but with a particular focus on the 60s and 70s decades.

Jimi, who also performs in a band, said: “My interests in music started like most other peoples and that was listening to my parent’s records.

“Growing up since then it’s been a big interest of mine, and I’ve always collected, so it just all came together as I’’ve been thinking about starting my own business for a while.

“Records have become more popular with a lot of people again, but for collectors they have never been out of fashion.

“It’s not just about selling records, but I want to create a real communal space in Winsford, there’s a great music scene here and it’s only getting bigger.

“The problem with digital music is that it’s very impersonal, but with this store I’m hoping it will be a place for people to come and discuss music, learn new tastes and meet friends.

“Hopefully with the records and café we can make it much more personal again, they both go hand in hand so I’m looking forward to starting.

“One thing’s for sure as I imagine a lot of first time business owners can appreciate is that I definitely underestimated the cost of getting started.”

Jimi also stated a potential intention to sell record players sometime in the future, but that this is not a immediate priority.

During the store’s grand opening, Jimi has recruited The Verve bassist Simon Jones to perform throughout the day.

Jimi outlines that he can order in new releases for customers that want have specific interests, and that the store will also buy collections from sellers.

You can find Electric Church at the Birtwhistle Buildings, Over Square, Winsford, CW7 2JP.