WINSFORD’S first town crier in more than 50 years has been appointed.

Ben Booth will now take the voluntary position and will be on hand at events in the town to make his voice heard.

Town mayor Cllr Steve Smith held a competition in the town centre on Saturday, April 8, along with Middlewich town crier Devlin Hobson, in an attempt to find someone to fit the role in Winsford.

Cllr Smith said: “Ben Booth has become the first Winsford Town Crier in more than 50 years. He truly shone through.

“He is young, enthusiastic and has a real appetite to do the job.

“When he had a go in the town centre he was full of spirit and not nervous at all, had great posture and projected his voice really well.

“I think he will be perfect and soon pick up the art of doing the job well for our town.”

Ben will be formally introduced to members of the community at the Winsford Oscars on Friday, April 21, at the Lifestyle Centre.

He will then take up his role for the first time at the Mayor Making in May.

His duties will include speaking at public and civic events and can also visit events in neighbouring towns to promote Winsford.

Check back for an interview with Ben.