THE Family of a Winsford man who died after being knocked down by a vehicle in Northwich will mark the tenth anniversary of his tragic death with a fundraising walk this month.

Father of two, Jason Baker, was just 30-years-old when he was killed walking home from a charity night for the Brittle Bones Society along the A533 Davenham bypass.

In the weeks before his death, he and mum Linda Baker had been busy planning their own joint fundraiser for the charity, to help in the fight against a condition that many in their family suffer from.

“Jason hadn’t asked anyone for a lift home that night because he didn’t want to put anyone out. That was the kind of person he was,” said Linda, 60.

“He was a happy go lucky with a heart of gold. Before he died, we’d spoken about doing something together to raise money for the Brittle Bone Society and we never got chance to do it, so I thought it was about time we did something now it’s been ten years.”

On Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, May 6, 30 friends and family will walk 11 times around Shakerely Mere in Knutsford.

The ten mile trek will help the society in the battle against Osteogenesis Imperfecta – which can render bone as fragile as glass and susceptible to breakage from even the most minor impact.

“My bones break very easy, but I was born with it so it’s something I’m used to,” said Linda.

“At school there were certain things I couldn’t do. I wasn’t supposed to play hickey or tennis.

“If you’d have asked my mum when she was alive she’d say I never did, but I sometimes used to, secretly.

“We’re lucky because our family has a milder form of the condition, but one of cousins is in a wheelchair because his legs can’t support the weight of his body.

“It will be a sad day marking the anniversary, but nice for us all to be together remembering Jason.”

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