IF a property deal is done in London, Lenny Cole (Wilkinson) wants in.

So when a Russian ogliarch - with shades of a certain Chelsea boss - arrives in town with a lucrative real estate plan - pound signs appear in Lenny's eyes.

The problem is other equally unscrupulous villains also spot the opportunity.

As Lenny starts the job of brokering a deal, the billionaire’s accountant Stella (Newton) sees this as a chance to make herself some money and calls in a local petty criminal, One Two (Butler) to get the job done.

But in typical Ritchie fashion, nothing goes to plan for everyone involved...

Ritchie reinvigorated the British crime-genre with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, but Swept Away, which he filmed with wife Madonna, proved a massive flop. Fortunately ‘RocknRolla’ is a return to form, with a clever, inter-weaving story line, a colourful cast and a satisfyingly dramatic finale.

It's a fast paced story packed with high jinx, clever lines, comedy and violence and is sure to please Ritchie fans.

6/10 Not his best, but good enough.