EVER been stuck in a situation where you wish you could shut your eyes and escape from it all?

And in escaping, what if a genetic anomally allows you to teleport to anywhere in the world and do, say or take whatever you fancy without any consequences?

That's pretty much the premise for Doug Liman's film Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen, last seen sporting a big black helmet and cloak as Darth 'noooooo' Vader and Jamie 'he loves to boogie' Bell.

Christensen is David Rice, deserted by his mother at five, raised by his abusive father and somewhat of a misfit at school – until he takes his first leap of faith that is.

Cut to 10 years later and David is living the high life, thanks to his hidden talents. He's got pots of cash, a penthouse apartment and a licence to leap to wherever he wishes in the world.

It's a lonely life though and when he encounters Roland, one of a group of secret service men sent to bring down the 'jumpers', he has something of an epiphany and goes back home for some answers.

It's excellent action fare and a wonderful idea... wouldn't it be a great super power to have up your sleeve when the going gets tough?

It's just a little short and all gets tied up a tad too soon.

Rumour has it there may be a sequel on the the way ... watch this space.